CCK09: Getting started…

Well, today officially kicks off the second MOOC on Connectivism. I posted earlier how I would set up my own PLN, and have pretty much decided to stick with that except for one exception: using Google Reader (GR). Although there is a Moodle forum set up for the course, I will be using GR as my main aggregator, or a way to bring related information to me through the use of a tag: CCK09.

The reason I´m taking this course is to pursue related research interests, specifically as they pertain to English language learning. As I´m finalizing my doctoral coursework, I am now in the process of narrowing down a topic that by year's end will be the basis of my dissertation. My hopes are that this "second round" at CCK09 (previously CCK08) will shed more light on the practicality of the theoretical concepts being covered.


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