20 Ways To Make Professional Development More Effective | Edudemic

Administrators often ask how to best utilize their staff meeting time to promote best instructional practices and improve professional development. Here are a few handfuls that could help them out. The post 20 Ways To Make Professional Development More Effective appeared first on Edudemic.Read Article >
Establish the idea that there is no room for negativity at a staff meeting-too much is at stake for negativity to hijack the group. This sounds a bit like avoiding diversity of opinions, which seldom leads to innovative talk.
Devote a chunk of time in each meeting to best instructional practices... Here we go again...focusing on "best practices" instead of focusing on "best practitioners".  Big difference!

How Online Education Has Changed In 10 Years | Edudemic

We all know that education, specifically online education, has come a long way in the last few years. We've already taken a look back - way back - at online education as we rarely think of it (in the 1960's and 70's), but it is also interesting to see just how much online education has evolved in ju...Read Article >

How Teachers Are Using Blended Learning Right Now | Edudemic

A year-long report is out and it details how teachers and students are taking to blended learning - what's working and what's not. The post How Teachers Are Using Blended Learning Right Now appeared first on Edudemic.Read Article >
79% of respondents reported than an ideal instruction delivery method would be blended learning – 50% face-to-face and 50% online. Interesting... half of instruction online or half of learning online?

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