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Oct 24th, 2018 by bnleez at 4:00 pm


Show Notes

  1. Problem: Lean Teaching… how efficient, effective, and engaging is our teaching practice?
  2. Workflow...
    1. Keep in mind the following three things when considering one’s workflow: learner to learner engagement, instructor to learner engagement, and learner to outside expert engagement.
    2. Google Classroom
    3. Google Docs
    4. Google Gradebook
    5. Google Photos
    6. Eportfolio

Sources: Lean Manufacturing - Wikipedia; Lean Thinking (Womack & Jones, 1996)

Oct 13th, 2018 by bnleez at 7:22 am

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In the Classroom: Why In the Classroom?

In many ways, episode #25 is the “first” in the informal reflective discussions I have planned for this channel related to curriculum, assessment, instruction, and educational technologies.  My intention of this channel is to provide the means for me to share with the public my interests and perspectives around what I read (theory, research, internet, etc.) and my own teaching practice.  My hope is that others will voice additional perspectives on similar topics by addressing through line questions related to each episode.