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30: Portfolio Assessment and Self-Regulation
Nov 2nd, 2018 by bnleez at 4:17 pm


Show Notes

  1. Problem: backwash effect: how assessment can influence instruction
    1. Readings in Methodology: A collection of articles on the teaching of English as a foreign language (2006) (pp. .
  2. What is portfolio writing assessement
  3. Self-regulation through portfolio assessment in writing classrooms
    1. Relationship between PA and the four phases of self-regulation (Figure 1, p. 5).
    2. Phase I: instruction and scaffolding
    3. Phase II: self-assessment, peer assessment, teacher feedback (first draft)
    4. Phase III: Teacher feedback (second-final draft) - cycles back to phase I
    5. Phase IV: error log and reflection; publish to eportfolio (decision-making process)

     4. Participatory Call to Action: How do you incorporate portfolio assessment in your current teaching practice?


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