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Welcome to Teacher Learning Cast (TLC), where leadership and learning go hand in hand.  TLC is a weekly podcasting community that consists of a weekly (Saturday morning) live discussion (synchronous communication), and asynchronous social media chats that occur primarily in Facebook, Twitter (#tlcelt), and via YouTube broadcast and playlist.

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How to participate in weekly broadcasts

Join our Facebook community and send us your gmail in order to get invites to weekly broadcasts. If you already have our personal emails, you may also request an invite directly. We want this podcast community to as participative as possible, so let us know what you would like to discuss and be a part of the conversation!

Since we use Google Hangouts, you might find the Hangout extension for Google Chrome worth installing.


The Five Pillars of TLC

Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) is based on five overarching principles: communication, pedagogy, the learning of an additional language, reflective teaching practice, and leadership. It is common to have broadcasts cover a variety of these principles, but the video recordings below are grouped by the one principle that best represents the main focus of each broadcast.

How to communicate

How to teach

TLC #2: Taking Teaching Seriously... | TLC #5: Time Management | TLC #6: Flipped Classroom

How languages are learned

How to reflectively teach

How to lead

TLC #1: Getting Started... | TLC #3: Personal Learning Networks...

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