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Learner Expectations and ICTs

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash 


One of the first things I do with learners as we begin the semester is to have them complete a learner expectations exercise. This semester, I have created an online form (in Microsoft 365) so that learners from each of my three online classes can provide me useful information about how I might approach my instruction.


The organization of the form includes the following:

  • Person data
    • Full name
    • Name (and gender pronoun - optional) learner identifies with
    • Student ID
    • Subject enrolled in
  • Learner expectations
    • How the learner prefers to interact in class (i.e., asking questions in front of the whole class, etc.)
    • What the learner expects from me, their instructor, in terms of their own learning outcomes (i.e., knowledge, skills, and emotional support)
    • How prior experiences might impact the subject they're enrolled in
    • 150-200 word summary of what they expect in terms of how I teach, how I assess, and my level of accessibility
  • Use of ICTs
    • Where will the learner access the internet?
    • How reliable is their internet connection?
    • What device(s) will be used to participate in the subject?


Individual responses will remain confidential, but group responses are likely to be shared with the whole group to make key points regarding curriculum, assessment, and instruction.