Show Notes

In this episode, I provide an excerpt of a class that is designed to assist English language learners - at an A2 level - to complete a story (one paragraph long) that is inspired by an image (painting or a picture) of a cabin in nature. 

Content Objectives

  • Build vocabulary related to nature: objects, animals, emotions, five senses, etc.
  • Gain awareness of paragraph unity (staying on topic), coherence (organizational patterns), and cohesion (transitions)
  • Gain awareness of sentence types: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex
  • Gain awareness of parts of speech, types of phrases, and types of clauses
  • Gain awareness of comma usage: serial comma, compound sentence, complex sentence, sentence connectors, introductory phrases (five words or more), and appositives

Language (Linguistic) Objectives

  • Rheme and theme
  • Transitions
  • Comma usage
  • Descriptive texts using adjectives and prepositional phrases
  • Simple, compound, and complex sentences

Pedagogical Notes



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