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ItC 84: Introduction to Student Podcasting (part II)


This semester, you'll produce a weekly podcast. See below the requirements for completing your podcast.

Podcast Requirements

  • Speak a minimum of 8-10 minutes and no longer than 60 minute
  • Option 1: The topic of the podcast can be anything that links to anything we have discussed in class. Your discussion might relate to different topics and/or can be a reflection (expressing what you think). Option 2: If you plan to create a serial podcast, then you may choose one topic to develop the entire semester. For those who had me in Prope, you may continue the same topic by creating new podcasts to further develop what you discussed last year.
  • Include a hook, introduction (podcast name, tagline, your name, date, and key points of the episode), body (choose two-four key points), and conclusion (thank the audience, closing statement and/or what to expect in future episodes). Find an example of a podcast that serves as a model in how you present your intro and outro.
  • Upload episodes between Thursday to Sunday of each week.
  • Each of your episodes should draw on information (content) taken from other podcasts. The information taken from these sources should be included in your episode: 1) description of what was said, 2) your interpretation or feelings about the information (or how it relates to the key point of your episode), and 3) reference where you got the information (who said it).
  • Avoid reading any text during your podcast episode.
  • Using background music is optional. If you do use background music make sure to choose only music which is under the public domain (attribution not required) or a creative commons license (attribution required).

Register Podcast

  • Add your name and OneDrive URL to Teams folder where episodes (accepted audio files) will be uploaded each week.
  • Optional: If you decide to publish a public podcast (e.g., https://anchor.fm), create an Anchor account (or any other podcast host of your choice) and include your public URL along in addition to your OneDrive URL mentioned above.

--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/benjamin-l-stewart/message