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PROPE Projects: Instructions for Preparing Writing I Task

Socials Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bnleez Leave comments via Podbean app. Leave comments via Transparent Teachings Add In the Classroom to your favorite podcatcher: RSS Feed Show Notes Context This group is a first-semester writing I class for pre-service English language teachers who are Spanish-speaking English language learners at an approximate A2 level of English proficiency. The excerpt found in this episode was from taken from week 14 of a 16-week course.  Each week learners address one essential question that usually relates to some content-based objective.  This week's essential question was more reflective in nature, and was designed to introduce a capstone project that provided an opportunity for learners to demonstrate knowledge and skills learned in each of the different subjects from the current semester: listening and speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and learning strategies. The term PROPE refers to courses that make up a propaedeutic year of courses designed to help learners gain a B1 level required to begin a four-year bachelor's degree program in English language teaching. All lessons from each week are posted to Google Classroom which loosely serves as a content management system where learners can freely access course content both during and outside of class. Lesson Essential Question: How do I express what I have learned so far this semester in PROPE? Instructions: This week we work in our PROPE project teams - event scheduled for November 23, 2018 (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM). Overview: Form into your PROPE project groups and determine who will write each paragraph:1) describe your country by including at least three key question words: who, why, how, when, where, etc., 2) describe how you worked together this week to create all non-writing I outcomes for your PROPE project, 3) explain any team challenges that you overcame this semester in any of your PROPE classes, and 4) present two to four key successes that you achieved as a team this semester. Details: Each of the four points listed above should be developed as one unified, coherent, and cohesive paragraph with five to eight sentences.  A combination of the three different transitions discussed in class also should be included: sentence connectors, introductory phrases, and subordinating clauses. Each team member is responsible for one paragraph - if more than four members make up a team, then an additional topic should be developed as determined by team consensus and prior approval with your instructor.  Each team member is responsible for developing and analyzing their respective paragraph. Analyzing a paragraph: Analyzing a paragraph should include the following: All team members should follow the same system for analyzing their respective paragraphs: color-coding, annotations, footnotes, etc. Indicate different sentence types: simple, complex, compound, and complex-compound. Indicate different clauses types: main clauses, subordinating clauses, and relative clauses. Indicate different phrase types: noun, verb, prepositional, and participial. Indicate all parts of speech. When analyzing your paragraph, do not analyze every word.  Only analyze one-three examples of each of the grammatical structures listed in the above section, Analyzing a paragraph.  In other words, you need a paragraph that exemplifies at least one of the grammatical structures above in order to identify it. Team communication: This week requires good communication between each team member.  A successful week will include a team who maintains good communication in determining who is to do what.  At times this week you may work together as a team while other times you might need to work in pairs or individually - decide which works best for you individually and as a team.  Regardless how you work, make sure you communicate with your team members throughout this week so that everyone is on the same page throughout the entire process. Team Leaders: Team leaders have bee --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/benjamin-l-stewart/message