As I reflect on what I've learned this past year, I think having "taken" the course CCK08 on connectivism has certainly been a high point. This course has made me think more about PLEs, networking with others, and networking as a learning principle. In an effort to find my own PLE, I've established my Classroom 2.0, this blog, and my CCC, which supports my f2f classes at the university. The CCK08 course has also linked me to META, which is of particular interest to me since I teach in Mexico.

Entering 2009, my goal is to continue modifying and extending my PLE based on the -ism(s) I happen to be interested in at the time (e.g. connectivism, relativism, constructivism (in its various forms) subjectivism, objectivism, etc.). And as I just read about yesterday, I see that my perspective on learning styles - video - (or now learning competencies) will be taking on a new direction as well. Finally, my pursuits to spread leadership will continue within my own practice as I feel that this is key to academic achievement, specifically language learning.

Happy New Year!