In getting geared up for the next CCK09 course on connectivism and connected knowledge, I plan to use primarily blogs as a means for exchanging ideas. My hope is to find a variety of interesting blogs that share common and interesting perspectives that for me are more likely to extend beyond the course itself. There will also be a Moodle site for the course where many discussions take place, so I may "dip in" there from time-to-time as well. There also is a course wiki and a Facebook group where the former is definely useful whereas the latter not so much as far as my own PLN goes.

I also will be feeding my blog to my twitter and friendfeed but am not sure really how helpful these two will be yet. Time will tell.

Oh, and I will use NetVibes as my main aggregator as well as the The Daily in order to attempt to organize the huge amounts of information that this type of course generates.

Well, this is what I have in mind at this point.

Here is how someone else plans to develop their PLN for the upcoming course.