Getting Started (UVM summer course)

I just want to welcome everyone to day one of our three-week, sixty-hour summer course. We covered a lot of information today and everyone was very patient in getting started.

Here are a few sites that you might find useful (courtesy of Sam Mace):

A resource bank for CLIL

Site where you are to complete your online work for the course

Blog for CLIL trainees


Don't forget to complete the following homework for tomorrow (July 7, 2009):

1. This course will be a success if…

2. Something I would not like to experience in this course is…

3. Something I would like the trainer to know about me is…

4. Something I am particularly worried about is...

5. By the end of this course, I expect to...

Please also include your full name and username and password of MEC and either email ( it to me or hand it in to me personally.

I´m excited to be your facilitator for the course and look forward to hearing your insights as we all learn together!

Here is my Wikieducator user page should you want to know more about me.

And here is our class Wiki that we'll use later on during the course.

Question for you: What websites are you using or would like to use that you feel would help you in your classes? (I encourage you to post a comment to this thread!)