"Love your audience and they'll love you back."

"Instead of focusing on self, [focus] on the beauty of the audience and the whole event..."

"I never let that leave me. I would start with that. I would start with loving my students. And it's striking how much my teaching has changed in five years, as a result of that. It's basically about shifting form getting people to love you,. to you loving them. It has four parts (Fromm, 1956):
- caring
- responsibility
- respect
- knowledge"

"Interesting example: compare the 'expert' (me, 34 years of life experience, been to 10 countries) and my students (4000 years of life experience, been to 50 countries). You become a learner among learners, just a part of the community. Kevin kelly: "Nobody is as smart as everybody."

These quotes really stuck with me when I read this summary of a talk by Michael Wesch. Enjoy!