Echo360: Live and Learn

Is anyone using Echo360?  What's your opinion?

Here's what they are about:

They live their lives online, in the car, at work and of course, in school. At Echo360, our dream is to see a day when the college experience intersects with the life experience of students. Using lecture capture technology, students gain unbounded access to their educational content and the opportunity to relive their classroom experience for improved comprehension and satisfaction.

Our team includes current and former university administration, staff, teachers, faculty and technologists with deep experience in lecture capture at colleges around the globe. Echo360 was born as a subsidiary of Anystream, the world leader in digital media production and workflow management solutions for major media companies. In 2007, we acquired Lectopia – the lecture capture leader in Australia and New Zealand. We blended our deep experience in video, information technology and higher education to create the EchoSystem platform for campus-wide lecture capture. The result is a repeatable, on-demand educational experience that is easy for institutions to deploy and support while providing students exceptional playback quality and options in line with their mobile lifestyles.