The premier space for educators: Educators 2.0

I am very happy to assume principalship of Educators 2.0!

In a recent interview, I shared my thoughts on the direction that I'd like to take Educators 2.0.  The basic premise is that we are all teachers and are all learners.  That leadership and the responsibilities it brings should be based on one's will, expertise, and ability and not on authority.  Serviovanni (2005) addresses leadership as entitlement and I couldn't agree more.  Those who have the ability should be put in the forefront of change and not just those leaders who have the authority.

If you have a desire to teach and learn, Educators 2.0 is for you!  Share the benefits of a leadership community that fosters individual growth.

P.S. I have to credit George for the picture in the interview...he's got a wild imagination!