#delt0110: The Future of Education

A viewpoint on the future of education:

At 1:47, the comment was made: we will have institutions.

Yes, we will have institutions, but they will not look like they do today.  There will be no 100% face-to-face classes which will dramatically alter how methodologies are currently being used today – notice I’m not committing to a timeframe here (smile).  I don't think classes will look like they do in the video at 1:48.  The line between formal and informal education will continue to dissipate causing institutions to develop additional ways of accrediting one's knowledge and skill set, ultimately forcing schools to find innovative ways to deliver content and to promote interaction.  Institutions will be forced to adapt to new ways of learning.

One could argue that learners from 100 years ago could recognize the schools of today, but many learners would not be able to get through a school day given the changes to not only the schools themselves but society as a whole.  This video supports this common hypothetical but I do not agree that such a disconnect exists between schools and society.  I understand it’s a hypothetical, but tend to avoid it when comparing past, present, and future views of education.

What are your thoughts?