#CritLit2010 Teacher-controlled/Autonomous Dichotomy

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To what extent is the help of teacher necessary?

This question is at the root of determining where teachers and students lie when looking at the teacher-controlled/autonomous dichotomy. Using terms like approach or roles seems a bit too permanent when one considers the act of teaching and learning as being complex. Instead, being a didactic instructor, facilitator, and coach resembles activities as opposed to roles or approaches since teachers, students, and other actors within the learning ecosystem move in and out of these positions quite fluidly depending on the particular discourse. The goal of the teacher is to be prepared to move in and out of these three positions as well as create the same mindset with the students in a way that promotes sustainability. Sustainability will thus allow for learnings - or “understandings” (Wiggins and McTighe, 2005) to emerge in a more natural and profound way.