Free Learning

Doug Peterson discusses my 'Free Learning' badge, which was created in response to one of his comments. "But, what does this mean? What am I supporting? ... All day yesterday, I kept thinking about this new badge as I was having my discussions with friends, old and new. It could be interpreted in so many ways. My focus is on the word 'free'. Has Stephen used it as a verb? Or, does it connect with 'learning' to be a noun. It seems to me that it takes on a different connotation depending upon how you use it." To me, it's fine no matter how you use it. I like the many meanings of the word free. I think they're intermingled and related. And the meaning depends on your perspective. I have no problem with that (Badges ~ Stephen's Web).

Free learning (as opposed to free beer) means having the option of reusing, remixing, recopying, and redistributing Open Educational Resources (OERs). And I support free learning!

I support free learning