#PLENK2010: Is this MOOC a PLE?

Is this MOOC a PLE?

I'm not sure it really matters.  Taylor adds the following questions:

  •  But how do new participants know what is possible [in a MOOC, PLE, PLN, etc.]?

  • How much time and energy are required to acquire new skills and knowledge?

  • What new skills and knowledge can one expect to gain?

This MOOC, PLE, PLN, whatever, is what it is.  Everyone enters this course (as with any course on the planet) with different levels of readiness, interests, needs, learning preferences, etc.  Trying to determine what new skills and knowledge can be expected to be gained, for example, will vary greatly.  This is where expressive (non-behavioral) outcomes become more realistic in measuring degrees of emergent, non-linear learnings.

At the end of the day, any course is about  finding the most appropriate ways to communicate so that each learner interacts with content and other individuals, then evaluating whether are not current connections (i.e., relationships) exists that afford an extended discussion.