Expressive objectives for #edumooc 2011

The objectives I have for #edumooc 2011 include the following:

  • connect with others that ultimately go beyond #edumooc 2011

  • find the right mix of technologies that enable me to pull information to me (i.e., RSS feeds, GR, twitter hashtags, etc.) in such a way that enables me to interact with content that is most meaningful and relevant to me

  • interact with other participants by posting to Twitter, blogs, and study groups.

  • avoid any participation in Google Groups, forums, and other group-like technologies

  • not to have any behavioral objectives set a priori, but to reflect on what I learned (or didn't) based on my prior experience; mold objectives as I progress through the experience

What objectives have you set for edumooc and what technologies help you set or achieve those objectives?  Do study groups influence the way in which you set and achieve your objectives?