Thesis Seminar: Introduction, Thesis Statement, & Research Questions

Group: Thesis Seminar

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Note: You should be finished with your introduction and research questions by now and should be working on finishing your literature review.

In your introduction (approximately 250 words), include two paragraphs that introduce your thesis statement. The first paragraph will begin with a hook or some quote that grabs the attention of your audience. The rest of the paragraph will provide a background or context of your essay. The second paragraph will address the problem and purpose of your essay. In both paragraphs, use citations to link your ideas to outside sources. Your second paragraph will conclude with a thesis statement (one sentence) that includes your topic and your opinion – the main idea of your entire essay. This is the “blueprint” of your essay. The main headings of your thesis (level II headings) will provide the three main points that relate directly to your thesis statement. See the video below for more details pertaining to how to develop a good thesis statement.

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