Writing II: Computer Lab Activity

For those students taking Writing II this semester, your task is to complete the following:

  1. This week we spent time listening to Don Cornelius and Soul Train. Watch this video about how to create a blog post in the Collaborative Understandings website, and post your two paragraphs that you worked on in pairs this week.  Although each of you worked on one paragraph individually, you are encouraged to make any final changes to either paragraph before posting to the blog.

  2. Once you have posted your two paragraphs to the blog, find two other blog posts from your classmates and provide a comment of at least 100 words.  Based on what your classmates wrote, compare this story with some personal experience.  It might be something related to Soul Train and/or Don Cornelius or anything else that was mentioned in the original blog post. 

  3. Watch this video and create a word list of 10 new words at Dictionary.com.