Rethinking Education: Why Our Education System Is Ripe For Disruption - Forbes

Our education system is not broken, it has just become obsolete When I think of all the tremendous, seemingly impossible feats made possible by entrepreneurs, I am amazed that more has not been done to reinvent our education system. I want all entrepreneurs to take notice that this is a multi-hundred [...]Read Article >

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Education Rethink: Should Schools Still Go with Google?

I liked Google Wave when it first came out. However, I should have known by the title (might as well call it Wave It Goodbye) that it wouldn't last. I used to keep track of my news, my reader and my e-mail through my iGoogle account. I was a fan of Picnik and kept waiting for it to become an integra...Read Article >

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Penn-Finn Learnings 2013: A Journey of Inquiry

Have you ever wanted to see what really goes on in classrooms of the world's number one educational system? Well, here's your free virtual plane ticket to Helsinki, Finland.