Writing II: Paragraph development

The following paragraph is designed for those taking Writing II.  The 153-word paragraph includes at least one example of each of the following: MEAL plan, prepositional phrases, an appositive, restrictive relative clause, non-restrictive relative clause, cohesive devices (i.e., rheme-theme pattern, same theme-new rheme pattern, and sentence connectors), simple sentence, complex sentence, and compound sentence.

The English language profession offers educators, life-long learners, opportunities to grow when they recognize that such growth depends to a certain degree on technology.  For instance, English language educators who happen to work at the university level may develop a personal learning network (PLN) that allows them to extend their social network or personal connections beyond the institution where they teach.  A PLN also depends on the type of technology one uses to communicate with others.  Twitter, which is becoming more ubiquitous among educators around the world, has helped establish many PLNs across the Internet.  As a PLN grows and becomes stronger, so too do the individuals who interact within that network.  Indeed, the English language profession is one that is in a constant state of change, and in order for appropriate changes to take place, administrators and language educators must work closely together so that improvements to higher student achievement may be realized.  

On a separate piece of paper (or in Word), write your name and number one through six and explain each of the six sentences in terms of the concepts listed above: MEAL plan, appositives, etc.  Your explanation of each concept should include an example from the text above (in quotation marks) and should define each concept as well. If needed, click on the links above to review each of the concepts first before analyzing the text.  Once you have completed this task, upload your analysis to this blog by submitting a comment. 

For those who were absent today, here are additional instructions: