How are you using Canvas?

Tomorrow, I'll be discussing Canvas (

In August of this year, I began using Canvas as my learning management system.  I've tried Moodle, wikis, and even spending money on my own website, but my free teacher's account in Canvas is really getting the job done.  And no, I do not work for Canvas, simply endorsing them.

I appreciate the ease of getting content populated into each of my classes, and I particularly like the options students have in interacting with content.  This is what I will discuss in greater detail tomorrow.

This semester I'm teaching three courses as part of a four-year degree program in English language teaching at the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes: Writing I, Academic/Creative Writing, and Applied Linguistics.  In tomorrow's hangout on air (a live event) I will begin discussing the specifics of my first-semester Writing I class and will also provide a rationale, showing how students and I interact within the platform.

If others wish to participate in the hangout on air itself, please leave a comment in the event, and I will see that you receive an invite via Google+ (you will need a Google+ account).  Otherwise, you are encouraged to just view the live broadcast either within the event or via the YouTube landing page.  I will be taking questions from comments left in the event and YouTube, so feel free to engage in conversation.  How are you using Canvas?