Guest Blogging at Edudemic

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I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning to see a blog post I wrote for Edudemic appear on the home page (How to Choose the Best Edtech for your School).  For those who are interested in education and technology, I highly recommend checking out the website.  For those who have something to say about education and technology, you're encouraged to post a guest blog entry.  Current guidelines are as follows:

  • Posts should be at least 500 words long and unique to Edudemic.

  • The post can only include links to your personal blog or social media accounts. We reserve the right to remove any links.

  • Submitted posts are unpaid.

  • You’ll have to create an Edudemic account (using WordPress) in order to submit a post. It’s so we can attribute the post to you.

  • You cannot submit your content by uploading a word processing document (like .docx or .pages). You must type your content into the post, or we will be unable to see and review it.

  • By submitting a post for review, you give Edudemic the right to edit, publish, and share this post and claim that you are the owner.

Once you have posted to Edudemic, a page is created that lists all of your posts. It's yet another way of cultivating one's digital identity.