Switched to WordPress

Today is day 2...yesterday I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.com.  I chose Blogger initially because of its ease of use.  And although it is a bit more user friendly than WordPress.com, I just had problems that never got resolved.

For weeks, I reached out to my personal learning network to try to get this blogger error resolved.  I posted several times to Blogger Help, but again, to no avail.

So I turned to YouTube and searched Blogger vs. WordPress.com and modified the search to include only videos within the last year.  Probably the most helpful video I came across was the following:


I was sold.  I set up an account, easily followed the step-by-step process for importing blog posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress.com, and well, here I am.  I'm good to go.

Where do you blog and which blogging service works best for you?

Note to self: Blog redirect