Getting the question right...#edchat

Starting a productive dialogue oftentimes depends on getting the question(s) right, #edchat.


All of the questions above are good questions to consider for conducting a Twitter chat, but I would propose a slightly different version of the second question in order to slightly shift the direction of conversation:
How does one integrate time to collaborate and reflect into one's daily routine?

Compare the above question to the following:
What would be the effect of building collaboration and reflection time into your work schedule?

The latter question creates two additional questions that really get us nowhere...
How accurate is one's expression of an effect, given that we are human beings (unpredictable, complex, emergent, and subjective individuals)?

What are we really asking when we presume that time to collaborative and to reflect occurs only within one's work schedule?

If we simply share how we currently (or historically) manage our time (to collaborate and to reflect), we might have a more productive discourse.