Teacher Learning Cast (TLC) #15: UPTC 2018 & The MUSIC Model

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Piry Herrera
Benjamin L. Stewart
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UPTC 2018

  • Types of English courses offered at the Universidad Panamericana 
  • UPTC history and reflections on this year’s event after having not having such an event for four or so years.

M.U.S.I.C. Model

MUSIC® is an acronym that can be used to remember the five key principles of the model that relate to the words eMpowerment, Usefulness, Success, Interest, and Caring. The principles are listed below.

The instructor needs to ensure that students: 
  1. feel empowered by having the ability to make decisions about some aspects of their learning, 
  2. understand why what they are learning is useful for their short- or long-term goals,
  3. believe that they can succeed if they put forth the effort required, 
  4. are interested in the content and instructional activities, and 
  5. believe that the instructor and others in the learning environment care about their learning and about them as a person (Jones, 2009).