The Limerick

A limerick for those in class,

Requires some thought to pass.

At first it seems tough,

Which can be quite rough,

But reading them is quite a gas.

The Vegan

When eating a pig is a sin,

A vegan will press to the end.

They scream and they press,

But never depressed,

They eat day-to-day for the “win”!


I once got sent to my house.

A life as a dog, not a louse.

The rain comes and goes,

And everyone knows,

That man’s best friend is a rouse!

Partner in Crime

A partner through thick and thin,

Becomes like some dust in the wind.

If one does embrace,

A love to be faced,

Then all will come out in the end.

A Beastly Bark

I am currently working with sonnets in my composition class and came up with this example today in class:
Behind the borrowed house I heard a bark

The scene released a fear in me throughout

The darkness droned through sounds that lit a spark

I know not how I ever felt such doubt

And as the creature came around the bend

It glared through glass as clear to me today

I froze and fumbled for my furry friend

A cat or rat or something to dismay

But once I saw the "beast" to take my life

I found a friend whose fear of me just waned

We sat to chat to comfort our own strife

And pals became our title to sustain

The moral of this story should be clear

That fear can hinder those who hold it dear


Sample Limericks

Three sample limericks for my composition students...

Limerick #1

I had to admit to them winningIf not I´m afraid I´d be sinningThe Cardinals had flownA season they´d blownThe Cubs and their fan´s keep a spinning 

Limerick #2

A ball and a bat hit the groundThe pitch which sank down was quite soundA runner quite fastthe throws that went pastThe bunt turned the team all around

Limerick #3

Alone by himself in a crowdHis head was above all the cloudsIt suddenly cameThere was no-one to blameThe ball rushed right by and he bowed

Space Between

Today, I began discussing sonnets with my writing class and developed this example as a guide....

Space Between

The space between by all accounts betrays,
divides the ones who wonder why they went.
Confused, misused, mislead, confined all day,
unsure how salty language had been sent.

The view from up above came from the sky,
engulfed the place, our space, we made our home.
Upon our faces said the warmth, "goodbye",
behind the solar shade she chose to roam.

Like dawn the crisp cold curse crawled in the sheets,
as numbness crept along its fearless fight.
The heat escaped the lifeless frame sans beats;
the calm and docile thoughts in mind that might...

The cause became the life forever bound;
the speed of light pronounced, and it was sound.

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